Sunday, January 22, 2017


Saturday, January 14th, more basketball for Traegan man!

We also stayed to watch Kylie's game after.

Which meant some cousin time for these cuties.  Man my kids have got a good thing going with their cousins all so close!

Gareth tuckered out and fell asleep on me.

Then Avonelle got to try her hand at cross stitching with a kit she got for Christmas.  I am such a crafty person and I did cross stitch so much as a child that this was making my heart burst!

As a favor to my mom and since we knew we were about to sell this little guy, we had to take a picture with "white car" as the kids call it or "Snowball" as it was dubbed when I was 17.  I have driven this car since high school, it was the first car I had sole driving rights to and had so many fond memories in it.  Then it became the first car I ever owned.  And it's been the commuter car for Josh for a while, but that thing is a tank and I'm kind of going to miss it!  242,000 miles and still going mostly strong...

Sunday, church, T needed a picture of his creation.

I know, I look hot.  Right?  That's not what this picture is for.  It was just one of those perfect little snuggly moments that I wanted to remember how Gareth loved me and fell asleep on me.  And I don't really care that I have no make up on and my hair is messy.  Just life.  My beautiful little mama life.  (1/18)

Friday Josh was home sick.  Which was very convenient for me as I was able to take Avonelle to her dress rehearsal alone.  Oh man, it shouldn't be allowed for 4 year olds to look this gorgeous.

Can we just say how great it was that I didn't have the boys?  I was helping with the littler classes since I was available... and the fire alarm goes off.   Mmmmmm kaaaaay...  So we have to evacuate the building.  I was with a class of 10, half naked with no shoes on, 3 and 4 year old babies in the loudest gym with scary sirens and flashing lights.  Wow.  Oh the tears.  So I scooped up as many as I could in my arms, literally at least 5.  And off we went to the outside.  In the snow.  SO much snow.  They were freezing.  We had cuddle parties.  We jumped around and sang songs.  I took off my shoes and they climbed on top of them.  Oh man it was bad.  For like 20 minutes.  Eventually, most of the moms and dads found their children and I was only left with about 2 little girls not counting Av.  Oh what an adventure.

Anyway after that, the dress rehearsal wasn't too bad.  Except the alarm kept going off.  What the what?  Oh well.

And that night I went shopping with Noelle because she's the best and I was feeling super self-conscious.  Love Noelle!

Up next is the dance recital!  Yeah!!!

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